Vote NO – ConCon

A number of organizations, broad and diverse in both  geography and ideology, have joined together in a new coalition, New Yorkers Against Corruption (NYAC) to run a multifaceted campaign to educate voters about the potentially destructive impact that a Constitutional Convention would have on New Yorkers.
New Yorkers Against Corruption (NYAC) is an unprecedented alliance of progressive activists, conservatives, environmentalists and labor organizations. It is likely the first time in state history that these groups have galvanized their grassroots advocates for the same cause. This fact is emblematic of how disastrous the referendum’s passage would be to New York.
The prospect of a constitutional convention  is troubling. We know nothing about the framework. How much will it cost? What are the rules to run as delegates? Which issues will be considered? How will Albany insiders ensure transparency? There is a total lack of information,” said Jordan Marks, Campaign Manager for NYAC. “That is why over 100 organizations – representing millions of people from throughout New York – formed NYAC. We, the people of New York, have zero interest in writing a blank check for corrupt Albany insiders to throw themselves a multi-year party.”
“A constitutional convention will be a taxpayer funded, $300 million boondoggle that will only award corrupt Albany insiders, not hardworking, everyday New Yorkers,” said Tom King, President of New York State Rifle and Pistol Association. “Corrupt politicians and their friends and family members will end up being elected as delegates. I am sure their first goal will be to attack our rights.”
“I have a responsibility to advance policies that protect the rights of 2.5 million working people and their families,” said Mario Cilento, President of New York State AFL-CIO. “A Constitutional Convention would give well-funded special interests the ability to control a process that can negatively impact those rights including the right to organize, funding for education, and care for injured workers. Our teachers, firefighters, nurses and all hard working New Yorkers deserve better.
“I experienced the Constitutional Convention in 1967 and it was a disaster. Establishment politicians and Albany insiders will hijack the process and abuse their power as delegates,” said Michael Long, Chairman of the New York State Conservative Party. “Further, a constitutional convention will cost New Yorkers hundreds of millions of tax dollars. There is already a process in place to change the New York State constitution.  If any legislative issue needs change, we all know the course.”
“Right now, the nation needs New York to champion policies that will protect our health and environment. Our constitution is the bedrock on which our safeguards are built,” said Peter Iwanowicz, Executive Director of Environmental Advocates. “Through a constitutional convention we could lose everything we worked so hard for and the nation would lose our leadership.”
“For generations, we have worked to defend and preserve the rights and liberties that are guaranteed by the New York state constitution,” said Donna Lieberman, Executive Director of the New York Civil Liberties Union. “A constitutional convention endangers that work by exposing our cherished constitutional values – and the rights of all New Yorkers – to tinkering, horse-trading, and compromise. The NYCLU will stand alongside the members of this coalition to educate voters about the risks a convention poses.”
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