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MAC – NYSUT Member Action Center

The ‘MAC’ is an online tool to connect a grassroots community of activists interested in education, healthcare and other issues affecting working people and families. Take action today!


Here are some links to websites with lists of “I can” statements.  There are lots of them floating around on the internet.  Let us know if you find other sources for really helpful ones.  ENJOY!!

“I can” statements aligned to common core standards listed by subject and grade, Courtesy of Wapsie Valley Community Schools

“I can” statements from Nassau Boces

“I can” on Pintrest

“I can” on Teachers Pay Teachers – just an example of what is available.  These cost a few dollars but if they meet your needs you might find it worthwhile.  Look for others in the search box.  This is just a sample.

“I can” statements from blog of 9th and 10th grade English teacher

ertc apple East Ramapo Teachers Center



trs logo    New York State Teachers Retirement System